The Heart of Tantra Online Learning Series

The Liberating Power of Vibration

An Immersion into the Spanda Kāārikās
(The Tantric Stanzas of Vibration)

A tele-class with Christopher Tompkins,
featuring in-depth study of a source Tantric text,
guided by the illuminating insight of Tantric sage Kshemarāja

  • Nine class sessions, totaling over 13.5 hours of instruction time, available for download for self-study
  • Featuring the inspirational commentary of renowned 11th century Kashmir Tantric master Shrī Kshemarāja
  • Based on new translations of both the Stanzas and Kshemarāja’s commentary, by Christopher Tompkins


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Join Christopher for this enlightening immersion into the philosophy (darshana) and daily Yoga practice (sādhana) of Tantric Shaivism through the teachings of the 9th century Spanda Kārikās. This core revelation of Kashmiri Shaivism presents teachings meant to liberate us from all suffering by orienting our awareness to the blissful, immortal Self that resides behind the naturally expanding and contracting rhythms of life that are reflected in the dynamic cycles of our own thoughts and awareness.

Our immersion will be guided by the illuminating and indispensible wisdom of Kshemaraja, who reveals hidden teachings and Tantric Yoga practices that are cryptically contained within the Stanzas, most of which have been overlooked in previous translations.

We praise that Shamkara (Shiva) who is the Omnipresent source behind the cycles of Shakti, the expansion and contraction of which generates and dissolves the universe
. – Spanda Kārikā 1.

“'We praise that Shamkara’ because he is the ultimate reality of one’s own nature; he ‘bestows’
(-kara) the highest ‘good’ (sham-); namely, he presents the grace of one’s true nature, recognized as the sheer expanse of one’s highest, undivided Consciousness which consists of Supreme Bliss.”
–Kshemarāja-ji on the meaning of ‘Shamkara’, from verse 1.

Topics covered in this course include:

I. An Introduction to Kashmiri Shaivism and the Spanda tradition
II.  How to Attune with the Divine in the Ordinary Contractions and Expansions of Life
III. Identifying 'Belief' as the Cause of Human Suffering
IV. The Cryptic Practices of Spanda Yoga
V.  Discovering the Still Point of Awakening


$160, includes access to recordings of all class sessions, and written materials (including a new translation of the Spanda Kārikās with full commentary)

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Christopher Tompkins, PhD (Sanskrit, 2011)
specializes in the Yoga of Tantric Shaivism (5th-14th centuries, AD). His research is drawn from a collection of hundreds of previously un-translated source Sanskrit manuscripts. Christopher lectures internationally on the history, practices, and philosophies of all facets of the Yoga tradition.,

As with all of Christopher's teachings, this course may be counted toward Anusara Yoga certification hours. For more information, please click here.