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“This is a liberated being: one who experiences reality as divine. That experience is the fulfillment of the awakened ones, known as embodied liberation.” -Śrī Abhinava Gupta




Holiday Special! Now available only from December 17th – 31st (2014)!


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A Special Course download with Christopher Tompkins


“His disciples asked him, ‘When will the Kingdom of Heaven come?’
Jesus replied, ‘It will not come by waiting for it. It will not be a matter of saying ‘here it comes,’ or ‘there it is.’ Rather, the Kingdom is now spread out upon the earth, and men do not see it.’”

- Gospel According to Thomas, re-discovered in 1945.

A video download featuring 3 hours of incredible teachings! Available only through Dec. 31st 2014. Click here for more.

Other Downloads now available

“A Life Without Fear: How to transform painful emotions into liberating powers”


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The end of ‘Should’ Consciousness: A Meditation on the Dance of Shiva ->


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‘A Garland of Songs to Shiva’ by Utpaladeva, Tantric Master


Short List of Confirmed Tantras for this series-

* ’15 Verses on Awakening’ by Abhinavagupta

*’Light on the Tantras’ (Tantrāloka) of Abhinavagupta

*’Gaze of Shiva’ by Somānanda

* ‘The Teachings of Lallā’

* ‘Stanzas on the Vibration of Consciousness’ (Spanda Kārikās) with Kṣhemarāja’s Commentary

*Stanzas on the Recognition of the Divine’ by Utpaladeva

* ‘Heart of Recognition’ by Kṣhemarāja

* ‘Garland of Songs to Shiva’ by Utpaladeva

* ’30 Verses on Delighting in Awareness’ by Nāga

* 1,000 Names of Goddess Shāradā





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