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“This is a liberated being: one who experiences reality as divine. That experience is the fulfillment of the awakened ones, known as embodied liberation.” -Śrī Abhinava Gupta




– Online Classes this Fall with Christopher Tompkins


Our next session, October 15th =>

Svabodha (Self-Awakening)- The End of ‘Should’ Consciousness and the Illusion of Incompleteness.

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preview clip: The end of ‘Should’ Consciousness: A Meditation on the Dance of Shiva ->


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‘A Garland of Songs to Shiva’ by Utpaladeva, Tantric Master


Short List of Confirmed Tantras for this series-

* ’15 Verses on Awakening’ by Abhinavagupta

*’Light on the Tantras’ (Tantrāloka) of Abhinavagupta

*’Gaze of Shiva’ by Somānanda

* ‘The Teachings of Lallā’

* ‘Stanzas on the Vibration of Consciousness’ (Spanda Kārikās) with Kṣhemarāja’s Commentary

*Stanzas on the Recognition of the Divine’ by Utpaladeva

* ‘Heart of Recognition’ by Kṣhemarāja

* ‘Garland of Songs to Shiva’ by Utpaladeva

* ’30 Verses on Delighting in Awareness’ by Nāga

* 1,000 Names of Goddess Shāradā





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