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“This is a liberated being: one who experiences reality as divine. That experience is the fulfillment of the awakened ones, known as embodied liberation.” -Śrī Abhinava Gupta 




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‘Kuṇḍalinī: the Tantric Origins of Haṭha Yoga’


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History and Evolution of the Chakras and the Subtle Body 

* Drawn from un-published translations of source Tantric texts * Featuring Stunning Subtle Body Manuscript Art, Revealed for the First Time * Four downloadable classes, 90 minutes each, 6 hours total*

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The rise of Hamsa in Ucchāra practice

















Chakra System of the ‘Universal Mother’ Unveiled

~ Based on Chris’ groundbreaking translation of the ‘Chakra Scroll’ of Kashmir, housed in the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), and as featured in Yoga: Art of Transformation ~

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Anāhata Chakra

Jagad Mātā (Universal Mother)

Sahasra-dala, 'Lotus of 1,000 Petals'














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Introduction to Tantra: A Visual Journey

History and Evolution of Yoga ‘Vinyāsa’ (with Shiva Rea) 

The Accessible Yoga Sūtra 

 * The Descent of Shakti

‘Wisdom of Tantra’ Series

Tantric Origins of Sūrya Namaskāra: a Preview 




Experience the profound wisdom of Tantric Masters, translated directly from un-published texts and presented in simple language.

Discover how the timeless, life-affirming teachings of Tantra can serve as a direct means to self-healing and deep transformation to help face the challenges of everyday life.

Cultivate the power of your own intuitive insight (pratibhā) to illuminate your path to freedom and awakening.


“I am the Divine. I am nothing else. I am not a receptacle for sorrow, for I am the Absolute alone. I am made of Being, Consciousness, and Bliss. My truest home is my highest Self, Who is forever free.” -Tantric quote (Click here to hear the Sanskrit)




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